AF Collar

Firestop collar for mechanical and electrical system penetrations

AF COLLAR is a firestop collar certified under EN 1366-3 up to EI 240 sealing of mechanical and electrical system penetrations in walls and floors.

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Technical features

The external stainless steel structure can be applied in humid environments while the intumescent strip with high expansive capacity can secure large elements, up to a maximum outer diameter of 600 mm for combustible pipes and 250 mm for insulated metal pipes.
  • Available sizes: from 30-600 mm
  • Free expansion: >20:1
  • Activation temperature: ± 180°C

Different types of product

Inside diameter (mm) Height (mm)Fixing points
from 30 a 110 mm
from 125 a 160 mm
from 200 a 250 mm
315 mm
400 mm*
from 500 a 630 mm*
* solution with box collar

Direct Application

  • Electrical cable bundles including corrugated pipes;
  • Multilayer pipes including bundles;
  • Metal pipes with insulation;
  • Mixed penetrations;


  • Class EI 240 (UNI EN 1366-3) rigid floor;
  • Class EI 180 (UNI EN 1366-3) rigid wall;
  • Class EI 120 (UNI EN 1366-3) plasterboard wall;
  • Class EI 120 (UNI EN 1366-3) self-supporting wall;
  • Class EI 120 (UNI EN 1366-3) sandwich wall;
  • Class REI 120 (UNI EN 1365-2) fibre false ceiling;
  • Class EI 120 (UNI EN 1366-3) independent false-ceiling.

Packaging and Storage

Cardboard boxes
Unlimited under normal storage conditions


Supply and application of AF COLLAR firestop collars, consisting of a round stainless steel element containing "Firefill" intumescent material, for up to EI 240 protection of penetrations of standard and silent combustible pipes, bare or bundled multilayer pipes, bundles of corrugated pipes with electrical cables and non-combustible pipes with elastomeric wall and floor insulation and a structure consisting of a AF PANEL rock wool double panel. The size, up to a maximum diameter of 630 mm, is defined based on the penetration's type and cross-section.

Application method

AF COLLAR from 30 to 315 mm
1. open the collar and apply around the pipe;
2. close the collar with the metal tab;
3. install the collar so that it adheres to the wall/floor;
4. secure the collar using self-tapping screws or metal
expansion plugs (not supplied) depending on the structure.

AF COLLAR from 400 to 600 mm
1. secure one of the two box elements containing graphite using of threaded
rods and nuts Ø 8mm (not supplied);
2. secure the two side plates to the box elements using the supplied nuts
and bolts and nuts;
3. secure the second element to the two plates using the supplied nuts and bolts and the wall/floor using threaded rods and nuts Ø 8mm (not supplied).

Reason to choose AF Collar

stainless steel structure;

 for large pipes up to 600 mm diameter;

 Versatility of application:
     - PVC, PP, PE, ABS, PP-R;
     - multilayer;
     - incombustible pipes with isolation;
     - bundle of cables, bundle of corrugated; 

 up to EI 240 (EN 1366-3) - ETA and voluntary CE marking.


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