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Stay up to date on the latest developments in the field of passive fire protection!

To deepen and identify the most suitable anti-fire solutions, it is possible to subscribe directly from this section to the events, seminars and webinars organized by AF Systems.

The aim is to provide the fire professional with the knowledge and tools useful for fire prevention design, through practical examples of application as well as the typical criticalities that are encountered in construction site interventions, thus providing the participant with a comprehensive framework to operate in the utmost correctness of legislation.

Some of the topics covered:

- Fire protection of structures and reaction to fire of materials;
- Fire resistance tests for service supply facilities (EN 1366-1,3,4);
- Design and protect fire-fighting infrastructure according to national and international technical regulations;
- Air ducts and smoke-proof filter pressurization system;
- Correct sealing of crossings and linear joints.

Almost all the seminars and webinars organized recognize CFP (check each event).