AF Panel

Ready-to-use panel for firestop compartmentalisation

AF PANEL is a fireproof panel certified under EN 1366-1, EN 1366-3 and EN 1366-4 for the up to EI 240 protection of a wide range of wall and floor penetrations.

Weight: 5,30 kg /nr
Price: €59,20 /nr

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Technical Features

Pipe penetrations, ventilation ducts, cable trays, fire dampers and expansion joints
are some of the certified applications of this versatile and useful product to create
a smoke and fire-resistant structure.  AF PANEL consists of a semi-rigid non-combustible panel in mineral fibre, treated on both sides with a white ablative coating. With its lightweight and semi-rigid consistency, the product can be shaped directly on site with a cutter to recreate an integral structure suitable for the application of other products for each penetration (e.g. collars or intumescent pillows). The industrially applied fireproof coating on both sides provides a ready-to-use product which complies with the test certificates, eliminating the need to paint them on site and verify the thickness consistency of the coatings.

  • Dimensions : 1200 x 600 x 50 mm
  • Rock wool panel density: 150 kg/m3
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.036 W/mK
  • Sound absorption αS:  0.64

Direct Application

  • Cable tray;
  • Cables in corrugated pipes;
  • Busbars;
  • Combustible pipes;
  • Multilayer pipes;
  • Insulated and uninsulated metal pipes;
  • Mixed penetrations (including fire dampers);
  • Duct penetrations;
  • Expansion joints.


  • Class EI 240 (EN 1336-3) rigid floor;
  • Class EI 240 (EN 1336-3) rigid wall;
  • Class EI 120 (EN 1364-3) plasterboard wall;
  • Class EI 120 (EN 1364-3) Xlam floor;
  • Class EI 120 (EN 1364-3) Xlam wall;
  • Class EI 120 (EN 1366-3) self-supporting wall;
  • Class EI 120 (EN 1366-3) sandwich wall;
  • Class REI 120 (EN 1365-2) fibre false ceiling;
  • Class EI 120 (EN 1366-3) independent false-ceiling;l
  • Class EI 180 (EN 1336-4) joints on rigid wall;
  • Class EI 180 (EN 1336-4) joints on rigid floor.

Packaging and Storage

Cardboard boxes containing five panels. On pallets Unlimited under normal storage conditions


Supply and application of semi-rigid rock wool AF PANEL , treated on both sides with the ablative product AF SEAL T1, with nominal density of 215 kg/m3, created for fire protection up to EI 240 of technological system penetrations in walls and floors. The panel can be cut and shaped with a "cutter" or hacksaw and applied with AF SEAL W fireproof sealant on the joints and perimeter parts. The system does not require additional surface coatings.

Application Method

1. measure the size and shape of the opening to be sealed;
2. apply them to the AF PANEL;
3. shape the panel using construction site saws or cutters, taking care
    to leave a slightly larger template than the size of the opening to be sealed;
4. spread a small amount of AF SEAL W on the template sides or directly
    on the masonry inner edge where the template will be applied;
5. apply the template and insert it in the opening by "slotting it in";
6. smooth the joints with a trowel using AF SEAL W sealant.

Reason to choose AF Panel

it can be shaped directly on site;

 ready-to-use product;

simple to apply;

 useful for mixed passages.



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