AF Bags

Fireproof pillow for cable tray penetrations

AF BAGS are intumescent and ablative fireproof pillows certified under EN 1366-3
for sealing up to EI 240 of cable tray penetrations.

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Price: €11,10 /nr

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Technical features

Inside a non-combustible fibreglass casing, a high-density concentrate of intumescent components, inert thermal insulators and products with gradual release of water, minimises the depth of sealing necessary to contain the passage of heat: with an insulating thickness for cables up to 21 mm in diameter of only 120 mm, AF BAGS can be completely inserted even inside thin structures without providing a frame around the penetration perimeter. 
They are easily repositioned and recommended to facilitate system maintenance or modification.
  • Water and moisture proof;
  • They are rot-proof and mould and bacteria resistant;
  • They are suitable to be installed in any environment;
  • Do not contain harmful materials or fibres.

Different types of product

ModelLength (mm)Length (mm)Height (mm)
AF Bags 100 10012025
AF Bags 150 15012030
AF Bags 200 20012030
AF Bags 250 25012035
AF Bags 300 30012035

Direct Application

  • Cable tray.


  • Class EI 240 (EN 1366-3) rigid floor;

  • Class EI 180 (EN 1366-3) rigid wall;

  • Class EI 120 (EN 1366-3) plasterboard wall;

  • Class EI 120 (EN 1366-3) plasterboard wall;

  • Class EI 120 (EN 1366-3) self-supporting wall;

  • Class EI 120 (EN 1366-3) sandwich wall.

Packaging and Storage

Cardboard boxes.
Unlimited under normal storage conditions.


Supply and application of AF BAGS fireproof pillows, consisting of a 200 g/m² non-combustible fibreglass casing and containing intumescent granular compounds, thermal insulating aggregates and products with gradual release of water, for protection up to EI 240 of cable tray penetrations in walls, floors and on a structure consisting of AF PANEL rock wool double panel. The product is certified for "small" - "medium" and "large" cable penetrations, to create a fireproof seal for cables with a diameter of up to 21 mm ("small") with a sealing depth of 120 mm even on non-conventional structures such as sandwich and self-supporting walls.

Application Method

1. measure the cable tray dimensions (width) and choose the size and number of pillows needed to completely close the penetration. For the calculation, consider that the certified side (wall thickness) is 120 mm;

2. apply the bags inside the cable tray, and position them with the certified side (120/200 mm) as "wall thickness", until the cable tray is completely filled;

3. seal any remaining space in the intrados between the opening and the cable tray with AF SEAL W.

Reason to choose AF Bags

Quick and clean application;

 sealing depth of only 120 mm;

no complementary product needed;

 up to EI 240 (EN 1366-3) - ETA and voluntary CE marking.


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