AF Foam RM

Fire-resistant polyurethane foam

AF FOAM RM is a single-component polyurethane foam certified under EN 1366-4 for EI 120/180 sealing of wall and floor expansion joints up to 50 mm wide. 

Weight: 0,92 kg /nr
Price: €21,90 /nr

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Technical Features

Each 740 ml pack contains a special prepolymer combined with a mixture of hydrocarbons used as propellants. With its high expansion capacity, which allows it to reach about 25 litres of expanded foam per can, the product is suitable to seal small joints in conditions of reduced accessibility.

  • Foam product density : approx. 25-30 kg/m3;
  • Application temperature: ≥ 5 °C;
  • Cutting temperature: 20-25 min;
  • Operating temperature: -40/90 °C;
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.029 W/mK;
  • Reaction to fire class: B1.

Direct Application

  • Expansion joints.


  • Class EI 180 (EN 1336-4) joints on rigid wall;
  • Class EI 180 (EN 1336-4) joints on rigid floor.

Packaging and Storage

12-piece boxes.
eight months in original packaging.
Store away from heat sources.


Supply and application of single-component AF FOAM RM polyurethane foam, in 740-cans, for EI 120/180 protection of wall and floor expansion joints.

Application Method

1. shake the AF FOAM RM canister for at least a minute;
2. insert the nozzle on the spray head;
3. flip the canister upside down;
4. dispense the product inside the crack until completely filled;
5. if the expanding mass does not stay in the joint,
   create a disposable formwork on the intrados;
6. when hardened, remove the overflowing edges with a cutter.
Flammable product before and during application due to the propellant required to extrude the product.  Keep away from hot objects, open flames and sparks. Consult the safety data sheet.

Reason to choose AF Foam RM

useful for sealing small joints in conditions of reduced accessibility;

high yield;

simple application.


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