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Fire protection for joints - AF Systems CE marked solutions

When designing, choosing the correct expansion joint is crucial to ensuring the function and durability of the floor, wall, ceiling, and façade joint system.
Fire protection for joints

Expansion joints can absorb the movements of the structures between which they are fitted and are particularly useful in limiting the effects of temperature changes and shocks or vibrations.

Failure to fill in these spaces might structurally increase the construction resilience. However, from a fire protection perspective, managing these discontinuities is critical as infiltration of fire, smoke, and flames could compromise the overall fire compartmentation system.
AF Systems approaches the problem through fire protection systems that allow the joints to be secured from a fire safety perspective while considering structural requirements.
The key is the adoption of compressible or flexible systems that always ensure the integrity and a capacity for joint compression or expansion.

According to the solution, the degree of movement changes: with the efficient and straightforward AF Joint, it is possible to absorb movements up to 7.5% of the nominal size. With the innovative AF Seismic Joint it is possible to reach 50%.

Let's take a look at the systems in more detail.


AF JOINT is a fireproof joint cover EI 180 certified under EN 1366-4 for the fire protection of vertical and horizontal expansion joints of nominal size between 30 and 600 mm. The system is EI 120 certified under EN 1364-4 to protect openings between floors and curtain walls.

It consists of a highly insulating fireproof substrate treated on both sides with an ablative coating film.

With its fibres parallel to the direction where a fire may spread, AF JOINT can be easily compressed transversely during application and does not require mechanical fixings.

Application Range

  • Vertical and horizontal expansion joints;
  • Joints between floors and curtain walls.
AF Joint - fireproof joint cover

AF Joint advantages

  • EI 180 on wall and floor up to 600 mm joint nominal width
  • EI 120 on curtain walls up to 240 mm joint nominal width;
  • No additional product for covering joints up to 200 mm;
  • Ablative coating already applied;
  • Easily compressible;
  • No structural fixings.



AF SEISMIC JOINT is a flexible protection designed and certified to seal expansion joints exposed to the risk of significant structural movements, such as in tall buildings or for application in seismic risk areas.

The system's core consists of two mats of non-combustible mineral wool aluminised on both sides and glued with an ablative product.
EI 120 classified under EN 13501-2 (Test Standard 1366-4), AF Seismic Joint is certified with maximum permitted movement +/-50% of nominal width, covering joints up to 600 mm wide, reaching a total extension of 900 mm.

Application Range

  • Expansion joints subject to movement;
    • AF Seismic Joint advantages

      • Flexible and easy to install;
      • Coverage of joints up to 600 mm wide;
      • Maximum permitted movement of +/- 50%;
      • Fixings applicable to both exposed and unexposed side.
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