AF Plug

Firestop plug for electrical system penetrations

AF PLUG in an intumescent polyurethane foam plug certified under EN 1366-3 for up to EI 180 sealing of wall and floor electrical system penetrations.

Weight: 0,13 kg /nr
Price: €18,00 /nr

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Technical Features

With its easily compressible consistency, the product creates barriers with a perfect seal against smoke and adapts to cable penetrations.

AF PLUG is easily removable and repositionable and is recommended for installation maintenance or modification.
  • Diameter: up to 160 mm
  • Depth: 150 mm
  • Density: 240 ± 10% kg/m3
  • Thermal insulation: 0.062 W/mK

ModelDiameter (mm)Height (mm)
AF Plug 6565150
AF Plug 110110150
AF Plug 160160150

Direct Application

  • Cables


  • Class EI 180 (UNI EN 1336-3) rigid floor
  • Class EI 120 (UNI EN 1336-3) plasterboard wall.

Packaging and Storage

Cardboard boxes.
Unlimited under normal storage conditions.


Supply and application of AF PLUG firestop plugs, made of spongy poyurethane-based material, for EI 180 protection of wall and floor electrical systems penetrations. Certified system with 150 mm sealing depth.

Application Method

Insert AF PLUG  inside the gap to be sealed, positioning them with the 150 mm side parallel to the wall/floor, until the gap is completely filled.

Reason to choose AF Plug

 it can be shaped directly on site;

 removable and repositionable;

 quick and clean application;

 easily compressible;

 perfect tightness against smoke.



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