AF Cable Coat

Self-extinguishing paint for electrical cables

AF CABLE COAT is a water-based fireproof paint that substantially delays fire by combustion of the insulating coating of electrical cables.

Weight: 1,08 kg /kg
Price: €22,00 /kg

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Technical Features

It has a good permanent elasticity and follows the physiological movements of the cables depending on the temperature variations or vibrations. The product modifies in contact with fire and releases water vapour which lowers the temperature. Afterwards, the product leaves a non-combustible residue that inhibits the flames from spreading.
AF CABLE COAT prevents the fire from spreading by using electrical insulation of cables as the preferred method. It limits the fire damage to only part of the line. AF CABLE COAT paint is recommended in environments where there are large quantities of electrical cables (power plants, transformers, control rooms, data centres, etc.).

  • Specific weight: 1.25 kg/l ± 0.1;
  • Colour: white;
  • Consistency: viscous paste;
  • Drying time: 60 min;
  • Hardening: 1.5 mm/24 hours at 20°C;
  • Dry content: >70% p.p.;
  • Tool cleaning: water;
  • Application temperature: 5/40°C;
  • Dimensional stability (shrinkage): 0.3% approximately.

Direct Application

  • Electrical cables.


  • CESI Institute No. A5058128 (under CEI 20-22/II standard).
  • IMQ Institute No. CN16-0001455-01 (under IEC 60332-3-10 and IEC 60332-3-22 standards).

Packaging and Storage

20 kg buckets.
The product remains unaltered if stored in its original sealed packaging at temperatures between 5° C and 35°C for six months.


Supply and application of water-based acrylic protective AF CABLE COAT, certified under IEC 60332-3-10 and IEC 60332-3-22 for the flame retardant coating of electrical cables laid on metal cable trays.


1. clean the surfaces to be treated from dust or greasy residues;
2. apply using brushes/rollers or airless spray guns for dense liquids;
3. to ensure the fire is completely extinguished at the application points, the product must be applied on a linear metre every 20 metres (for horizontal sections). The certified quantity is a kg for each cable tray (100 mm width);
For example, for a 500 mm wide cable tray, the quantity required for each linear metre is:
- 5 kg under CEI standard 20-22/II;
- 6.66 kg under IEC 60332-3-10 and IEC 60332-3-22.

Reason to choose AF Cable Coat

good permanent elasticity;

delays the spread of fire by lowering the temperature;

simple to apply.



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