AF PSR 120

Tie-rod fire protection cupel

AF PSR 120 cupels consist of two concentric bodies made of high density rock wool. The inner cupel is treated on the surface with a special product to lower temperatures using water vapour emission.

Weight: 3,00 kg /nr
Price: €82,55 /nr

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Technical Features

AF PSR 120 cupels are designed for fire protection of structural steel elements and tie rods. The outer cupel is coated with a layer of aluminium mesh or galvanised sheet metal that can be fixed with self-tapping screws.

  • Specific insulating weight:  100 kg/m3;
  • Inside diameter of cupel A: 35 mm;
  • Outside diameter of cupel A: 95 mm;
  • Inside diameter of cupel B: 102 mm;
  • Outside diameter of cupel B 182 mm;
  • Inside diameter of cover protection: 194 mm;
  • Outside diameter of cover protection: 334 mm;
  • Cupel length: 1200 mm;
  • Cover protection length: 400 mm;
  • Cupel weight (A+B):  2.98 kg/m.
  • Reaction to fire: Class A1L EN 13501-1;

Direct Application

  • Tie rod protection.


  • Class R 120 test reports critical temperature assessment on the tie rod under Eurocode 3 class 4 profiles (T ≤ 350°C).

Packaging and Storage

On pallets.
Unlimited if stored in a closed environment away from humidity and direct exposure to atmospheric agents.


Supply and application of AF PSR 120 system, consisting of two concentric mineral wool cupels with total thickness of 70 mm, the inside cupel treated with AF SEAL T1 ablative product and the outside cupel coated with aluminium foil, for R 120 protection of steel tie rods.

Application Method

1. widen the inside cupel (smaller diameter) at the longitudinal cut;
2. insert the cupel on the tie rod;
3. repeat the operation with the outside cupel, offsetting
    the transversal and longitudinal joints;
4. fix it with twisted steel wire or apply a steel cupel 4/10 mm thick.

Reason to choose AF PSR 120

fast and clean assembly;

 no STOP to the activities due to the installation of the product;

easy to install.



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