AF Cover Split

Fire protection for false ceiling built-in air conditioner splits

AF COVER SPLIT are designed to allow the installation of "Split" air conditioners in REI false ceilings other than independent false ceilings, ensuring fire resistance.

Weight: 0,32 kg /nr
Price: €220,80 /nr

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Technical Features

Easy to remove and reinstall during maintenance. AF COVER SPLIT covers a broad range of built-in air conditioners available on the market for false ceilings. It consists of a glass fabric, the external part is aluminised, the internal part is coated with an intumescent paint. To protect compressed gas pipes and condensate drains, special collars are supplied to be applied on site, and secured with self-tapping screws on a supplied calcium silicate plate. The product is flexible and designed to adapt to all types of diffusers.

Using AF COVER SPLIT means the design is not based on the fire resistance integrity of the false ceiling in which air conditioning points have been inserted. The product's low weight and flexibility make it easy to install without overloading the false ceiling structure. AF COVER SPLIT is much easier and faster to apply than a mineral fibre sheet structure.
  • 600 x 600 x 350 mm;
  • Other sizes available on request.

Direct Application

  • Recessed splits in REI mineral fibre false ceilings.


  • Class REI 120 (EN 1365-2) reinforced concrete floor protected by a fibre false ceiling.

Packaging and Storage

On pallets or in cardboard boxes.
Unlimited under normal storage conditions.


Supply and application of AF COVER AIR firestop protections, made of aluminised fibreglass fabric treated with an intumescent product, firestop collars to be applied on the pipe and a gypsum-based sheet to secure them. The system is certified for REI 120 requalification of fireproof composite false ceilings supporting air conditioners.

Application Method

1. Drill a hole in the calcium silicate plate where the cryogenic gas supply,
    return pipes and condensate drain are located;
2. Insert the perforated plate on the pipe outlet;
3. Place the AF COVER SPLIT protection on the air conditioner;
4. Drill a hole in the AF COVER SPLIT where the pipes are located;
5. Place the AF COLLAR around the pipes and secure it with self-taping screws
    to the calcium silicate plate.

Reason to choose AF Cover Light

 low weight;

flexible product suitable for adapting to all types of diffusers;

quick and easy to apply.



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