AF Junction Box

Fire protection for electrical boxes

AAF JUNCTION BOX is an intumescent sleeve certified under EN 1366-3 for the EI 120 requalification of flexible and rigid walls with electrical and junction boxes inside. Applicable directly inside the boxes, during a fire, the thermal-expanding sleeves expand until the wire and switch compartment is completely filled. 

Weight: 0,14 kg /nr
Price: €15,90 /nr

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Technical Features

The ease of application and certification with the front of the box directly exposed to fire, or adhering to the unexposed side of the penetration, make this solution efficient and cost-efficient.

  • Fireproof sleeve dimensions 335x100x4 mm - For junction boxes up to 152x196 mm
  • Fireproof sleeve dimensions 540x100x4 mm - For junction boxes up to 152x392 mm
    • Direct Application

      • Junction boxes


      • Class EI 120 (EN 1366-3) plasterboard wall

        Packaging and Storage

        Pre-cut to size elements contained in cardboard boxes (10/50 pieces)
        Unlimited under normal storage conditions


        Supply and application of AF JUNCTION BOX intumescent sleeves, consisting of Firefill 50/100 intumescent sleeve, pre-cut in the appropriate sizes, for EI 120 wall protection of electrical junction boxes.

        Application Method

        1. Remove the electrical box cover;
        2. Insert the sleeve at the bottom making it adhere to the side and rear walls (the sleeve can be bored to insert electrical cables);
        3. Close the electrical box cover.

        Reason to choose AF Junction Box

         ease of application;

        certification with both possible orientations;

        economic solution;



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