AF Seismic Joint

Fire protection for expansion joints with movement

AF SEISMIC JOINT is a fireproof joint cover certified under EN 1366-4 for EI 120 fireproof protection of vertical and horizontal expansion joints with movement and a maximum nominal size of 600 mm.

Weight: 1,80 kg /m
Price: €138,00 /m

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Technical Features

The product consists of two rock wool cushions joined with an ablative coating. Externally, the exposed sides feature a wire aluminium foil with an integrated metal mesh for ease of assembly. The system is completed with a metal sheet/mesh with a minimum thickness of 1 mm, anchored on one side only.
AF SEISMIC JOINT is ideal for the protection of medium or large size joints where the building is exposed to ground vibrations (due to underground passage of subway lines, or earthquake risk) or thermal expansion. With its ability to extend to cover 50% more (or less) of the nominal joint, the system eliminates compromises between the building's structural needs and its fire protection.

  • Appearance: cushion covered with aluminium foil and metal mesh;
  • Dimensions: 3000x1000x60 mm (roll);
  • Fixing plates dimensions: 300 x 30 x 1.5 mm;
  • Maximum joint width: 600 mm;
  • Maximum movement: ± 50% of nominal size;
  • Weight 7.5 Kg/m2.

Direct Application

  • Expansion joints with movement.


  • Class EI 120 (EN 1336-4) joints on rigid wall;
  • Class EI 120 (EN 1336-4) joints on rigid floor.

Packaging and Storage

Cushions on pallet.
Unlimited under normal storage conditions.


Supply and installation of a firestop system for expansion joints with AF SEISMIC JOINT movement, made of rock wool mat, containing ablative treatment and covered with wire aluminium foil and metal mesh. For applications on EI 120 joints with a maximum nominal width of 600 mm with ± 50% movement.

Application Method

1. Measure the width of the joint to be protected;
2. Cut the cushion lengthwise equal to the width of the joint + 50% + 100 mm;
3. Apply the cushion to the joint overlapping the edges to the structure by 50 mm;
4. Secure the cushion to the structure using the pre-drilled plates supplied
    with metal expansion plugs (8x60 mm), leaving 20 cm between one plate
    and another (four per metre);
5. Apply the protective sheet/mesh on the side not exposed to fire.

Transverse joints:
1. lift the mesh and aluminium foil from one side of the cushion by about 10 cm;
2. remove a 10 cm strip of the rock wool between the aluminium foil
    and the glass fabric in the middle of the cushion;
3. repeat the operation on the cushion on the opposite side;
4. overlap the two cushions by the length of the rock wool removed;
5. lower the previously lifted aluminium foils and meshes and secure them
   to those below by twisting with a hook.

Reason to choose AF Seismic Joint

covering of joints up to 600 mm wide;

 flexible and easy to install;

maximum allowed movement of +/- 50%;

 fixings applicable on both hot and cold side.


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