AF Joint

Fire protection for expansion joints

AF JOINT is a fireproof joint cover EI 180 certified under EN 1366-4 for the fireproof protection of vertical and horizontal expansion joints of nominal size between 30 and 600 mm. The system is EI 120 certified under EN 1364-4 for the protection of openings between floors and curtain walls.

Weight: 0,70 kg /m
Price: €20,80 /m

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Technical Features

The product consists of a semi-rigid non-combustible panel with oriented fibres, treated on both sides with a white ablative coating. With the fibre orientation which is parallel to fire propagation, AF JOINT can be easily compressed crosswise during installation and does not require mechanical support fixings. The industrially applied fireproof coating on both sides provides a ready-to-use product which complies with the test certificates, eliminating the need to paint them on site and verify the thickness consistency of the coatings.
An important product feature is the certified application pattern, i.e. with the product flush with the side of the wall or floor directly exposed to fire. This allows it to be applied at any height of the opening, allowing work from above when there is reduced accessibility from below.

  • Dimensions : 50 x 100 x 1000 mm - 80 x 100 x 1000 mm;
  • Sizes on request: up to 600 x 100 x 1000;
  • Maximum movement: ± 7.5%;
  • Specific weight: 100Kg/m3;
  • Reaction to fire: Class A1;
  • Thermal conductivity λD: 0.039 W/mK;
  • Sound absorption αS: 0.73.

Direct Application

  • Expansion joints;
  • Openings between floor and curtain walls.


  • Class EI 180 (EN 1336-4) joints on rigid wall;
  • Class EI 180 (EN 1336-4) joints on rigid floor;
  • Class EI 120 (EN 1364-4) curtain wall openings.

Packaging and Storage

1 m long boxes of 10/20 pieces, on pallets.
The product remains unchanged if kept under normal storage conditions.


Supply and application of AF JOINT fire protection for expansion joints, made of oriented mineral fibre with a nominal density of 100 kg/m3 and coated on both sides with white ablative AF SEAL T2 product , for the protection of joints with a nominal width of up to 600 mm in walls and floors and openings between floors and curtain walls up to 200 mm.

Application Method

1. measure the width of the joint to be protected;
2. choose and combine one or more AF JOINT based on the joint dimensions.
   The dimension of the AF JOINT protection must equal the maximum width
   that the joint can reach and increased by at least 5%.
   (If necessary, trim the gasket with a cutter);
3. insert the AF JOINT protection by compressing it;
4. in its expansion phase, AF JOINT stays in place inside the joint;
5. for joints larger than 200 mm, smooth with AF SEAL W sealant.

Reason to choose AF Joint

no additional product for covering joints up to 200 mm;

 finished product, ablative coating already applied;

 simple and quick to apply.


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