AF Seal W

Acrylic fireproof sealant

AF SEAL W is a water-based fireproof sealant certified under EN 1366-1, EN 1366-3 and EN 1366-4 to guarantee 
EI 60/120/180 protection against smoke and flames. It is independently certified for the protection of small joints, formwork holes, and small cable ducts.

Weight: 1,07 kg /kg
Price: €18,80 /kg

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Technical Features

AF Panel rock wool panel shaped on site, or as a complementary product in sealing cable and pipe penetrations. AF SEAL W is independently certified for the protection of small joints, formwork holes, and small cable ducts.
Provided with good permanent elasticity, its consistency allows it to absorb structural movements and it can be over-coated 24 hours after application.

  • Appearance: thixotropic paste;
  • Colour: white;
  • Specific weight: 1.4 ± 0.1 Kg/l;
  • Drying time: 1 hour;
  • Complete hardening: 3.5 mm/24 hours;
  • VOC: <1%;
  • Maximum enlargement: 200% (DIN 52455);
  • Operating temperature: -20/65 °C;

Direct Application

  • Cable tray;
  • Cables in corrugated pipes;
  • Busbars;
  • Combustible pipes;
  • Multilayer pipes;
  • Insulated and uninsulated metal pipes;
  • Mixed penetrations (including fire dampers);
  • Duct penetrations;
  • Expansion joints.


  • Class EI 180 (EN 1366-3) rigid floor;
  • Class EI 180 (EN 1366-3) rigid wall;
  • Class EI 120 (EN 1366-3) plasterboard wal;
  • Class EI 120 (EN 1366-3) self-supporting wall;
  • Class EI 120 (EN 1366-3) sandwich wall;
  • Class REI 120 (EN 1365-2) fibre false ceiling;
  • Class EI 120 (EN 1366-3) independent false-ceiling;
  • Class EI 180 (EN 1336-4) joints on rigid wall;
  • Class EI 180 (EN 1336-4) joints on rigid floor.

Packaging and Storage

6, 12.5 and 20 Kg buckets for trowel application.
300 cc cartridges (boxes with 20 pieces).
Stored in sealed packages, at temperatures between 5 °C and 40 °C,
the product remains unchanged for nine months.


Supply and application of water-based, high-viscosity, ablative acrylic AF SEAL W sealant, for EI 180 protection of cracks, joints and electrical cable penetrations in walls and floors.

Application Method

Ready-to-use thixotropic paste.
Spread with putty trowels.
In expansion joints
1. insert a "Filtene" type polyurethane cord to limit the filling area;
2. insert the cartridge nozzle in the joint and extrude the sealant
    with the spray gun;
3. smooth the surface using a trowel.

Reason to choose AF Seal W

good permanent elasticity;

 delays the spread of fire by lowering the temperature;

easy to install.


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