AF Graphit Foam

Two-component fire-resistant polyurethane foam

AF GRAPHIT FOAM is a two-component polyurethane foam with graphite added and certified under EN 1366-3 for
EI 180 protection of mechanical and electrical system penetrations in walls and floors.

Weight: 0,55 kg /nr
Price: €57,80 /nr

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Technical features

Using graphite, the foam expands during application and heat during a fire. This property makes the product versatile and suitable
for combustible material penetrations, which would be destroyed during a fire.
The special cartridge, with the help of a spray gun, allows the simultaneous extrusion of the two components and their mixing inside the application nozzle.
AF GRAPHIT FOAM is a simple and flexible solution, ideal for openings with several pass-through close elements.

  • Cartridge capacity: 330 ml;
  • Colour: dark brown;
  • Reaction time: about 10 sec;
  • Drying time: about 30 sec;
  • Ready to cut: Approx. 1 min;
  • Increase in volume at 20 °C 3-5 times (free expansion);
  • Yield: 1000-1700ml approx;
  • Storage temperature: 5-35 °C;
  • Application temperature: 10-35 °C.

Application Method

  • Electrical cables and corrugated pipes in a cable tray;
  • Combustible pipes;
  • Multilayer pipes including bundles;
  • Insulated and uninsulated metal pipes;
  • Mixed penetrations.


  • Class EI 180 (UNI EN 1366-3) rigid floor
  • Class EI 120 (UNI EN 1366-3) plasterboard wall;
  • Class EI 120 (UNI EN 1366-3) Xlam floor;
  • Class EI 120 (UNI EN 1366-3) Xlam floor.

Packaging and Storage

Pack of 1 x 330 ml cartridge equipped with a dispenser/mixer
Under normal conditions (5-35°C) the product remains intact for 12 months.


Supply and application of intumescent semi-rigid foam AF GRAPHIT FOAM, made of two-component intumescent polyurethane polymer with free expansion of 3-5 times its original volume, contained in a 330 ml two-wire cartridge. The system is certified for EI 120/180 protection of wall and floor system penetrations.

Application Method

1. screw the mixer onto the cartridge and insert the cartridge into the spray gun;
2. apply AF GRAPHIT FOAM starting from the furthest point, without immersing
    the mixing nozzle in the extruded product;
3. fill the opening, reaching a minimum depth of 120 mm;
4. avoid interrupting extrusion for more than five seconds to prevent
    sudden hardening of the material in the mixer;
5. when hardened, remove the overflowing edges with a cutter.

Spray gun
We recommend using the manual gun to apply the necessary force during the extrusion process. Using manual applied force the spray gun provides a quick and easy release of the mixed bicomponent product.

Reason to choose AF Graphit Foam

 Ideal for applications with limited accessibility
     or with complex geometries to be sealed;

simple and flexible solution;

Easy to drill and restore in case of new installations.



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