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The New technical Guide AF Systems

Products and solutions for Passive Fire Protection

The New AF Systems Technical Manual

AF Systems is proud to present its new technical manual, conceived and designed for the needs of fire protection professionals, who, with this tool, can be more confident when choosing the best solution for fire sealing.

AF Systems' high level of specialisation in the passive fire protection of system penetrations and its direct experience of critical on-site issues have enabled it to develop innovative systems, to respond to the most stringent regulatory parameters, and more specific requests.

With a new graphic layout and organisation of the topics, the manual offers simple and functional access to the vast production of a company that has become a unique reference in the passive fire protection sector in 30 years of activity.

A guide that illustrates products and technical solutions

For ease of consultation, the document is divided into in-depth sections that follow an orderly and instructional logical thread.
Starting from the introduction, the contents are organised along a line of increasing depth and complexity.
There are additional contents that highlight helpful tools for comparing and evaluating alternative technical solutions for the same need.

This is followed by the section on products and their data sheets where the entire AF Systems range is presented, including the latest product: AF Brick.
Finally, the solutions section where the sealing systems are defined according to the type of problem to be solved, with technical details, performance and limitations of each system on the passive fire protection market.
Those who have a previous version of the general catalogue or the systems guide can find many new solutions certified in recent months on unconventional structures alongside the new format.
Among the main NEWS:
  • Schedules for guided consultations: product schedule, applications schedule;
  • AF Brick, the new fireproof brick for system penetrations;
  • “U” and “omega” shaped AF Multicollar: new applications on false ceilings, sandwich and self-supporting walls;
  • Further tests and certifications on membrane ceilings and ventilated façades.
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