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ETA certification: AF SLEEVES

Firestop sleeves for combustible pipes

Firestop sleeves
We are pleased to inform you that AF Systems has obtained ETA certification for AF Sleeves, our solution for sealing pipe penetrations in combustible plastic materials;

AF SLEEVES is a preformed intumescent sleeve made of a high fire-resistant expanding foam material which, when heated, guarantees the sealing of the pipe penetration by completely obstructing it.

The fire resistance is EI 180 for rigid wall and floor under EN 13501-2.

Tests were carried out under EN 1366-3.

When exposed to a temperature above 180°C, it expands, blocking smoke and flames and provides the necessary thermal insulation to achieve the EI180 classification.
The product is marketed to protect plastic pipes (PVC, PP, HDPE, PE, ABS, SAN+PVC) with diameters between 30 mm and 160 mm.

AF SLEEVES meets the Y2 category requirements and has a durability certificate that guarantees its suitability for temperatures between -20° and 70°C.

Discover the AF SLEEVES ETA certification in the AF SLEEVES product sheet

Firestop sleeves for combustible pipesFirestop sleeves for combustible pipesTags: passive fire protection, fire prevention, thermo-expansive sleeves, firestop sleeve, system penetration, fire protection