AF PANEL - New CE marking

We are pleased to inform you that AF Systems has obtained the CE marking for the product AF Panel, the ready-to-use panel for fireproof expansion joints according to EN 1366-3.

It is an extremely versatile solution, certified for a wide variety of penetrations, not only on standard vertical and horizontal supports but also on sandwich walls, self-supporting partitions, X-lam walls and floors, as well as fibre and membrane ceilings.

Advantages of AF PANEL:
- No finishing work required as it is already treated on both sides with a white ablative paint.
- Constant thickness of the ablative coating guaranteed by machine-applied coating.
- Ease of processing, it can be shaped with a simple cutter.
- CE marking also according to EN 1366-4: also applicable on fire protection joints up to 20 cm in width.
- Sealing of plant penetrations in large openings up to 2m², with a performance level that can reach (applied in 3 layers) class EI 240.

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