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AF Graphit Foam: video installation

AF GRAPHIT FOAM fire-resistant expanding foam is used to seal electrical cables and cable trays, corrugated pipes, insulated metal pipes and combustible pipes for up to EI 180 protection of mechanical and electrical system wall and floor penetrations.
Multiple crossing on flexible wall

Once the foam has hardened, it can be easily cut out and drilled with a cutter or other suitable construction tool.

It is the ideal choice for a simple, quick and versatile installation:
  • EI 120 for wall EI 180 for floor;
  • Ideal for applications with limited accessibility or sealing complex shapes;
  • Easy to drill and reinstall for new applications
Spray gun
We recommend using the appropriate manual gun to apply the necessary force during the extrusion process. Using manual applied force, the spray gun provides a quick and easy release of the perfectly mixed bicomponent product.


Cartridge's capacity:: 330 ml;
Color: dark grey;
Reaction time: 10 sec. about;
Drying time: about 30 sec;
Cutting possible after approx. 1 min
Volume increase at 20°C: 3-5 times (free expansion)
Performance after application: 1000-1700ml approx.
Storage/transportation temperature: 5-35 °C;
Application temperature: 10-35 °C;
■ Flexible application adapts to irregular holes/openings;;
■ It can be combined with other AF Systems penetrations
For wall and floor applications;
■It can be used on traditional elements and lightweight plasterboard walls 

fire-resistant expanding foam
Watch AF Graphit Foam application video
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